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Artificial Academy
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2011-07-02 13:17:58 GMT
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3D hentai game from the best hentai game company ILLUSION!


Cant install. Right at startup it stops saying something in jap. i not sure but seems to say something about .msi file
OK got it to install after all ^^ but now i just cant play at this game. Even with the NODVD crack it wont work. And locale is japan so im not sure what the prob is any help would be greatly apreciated
Tnx DeathMarine1 ;)
Nakorenteri visit HongFire Anime Network or visit
Godspeed m8 ;)
Hey, I just downloaded this torrent, installed the game and everything... any way I can get some english translation ?
It may be the best game ever, but if I don't understand it, there's I can't really go foward.
@Maximo Dude thx ^^ was great help and working now ^^ again thx alot. Btw like dreidz i too would luv some translation going if possible, ive been figuring out most of the way this game works but would still apreciate some trranslation thx ^^
Guys what you need is
Artificial Academy HF Patch version 0.9 it's the latest and everything is inside what U need ;)
Easily the best AA torrent out there. Easy install, patched with Hongifre Patch 0.9 with no issues.
Hey guys, I've been having a lot of trouble installing this too, but after following this guide, I finally got it to work. If you need help like I did, follow this and you should have no problems. Happy playing everyone!
Easily the best Illusion (or all Japan) game. Translations, mods, gameplay guide, whatever in and
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guys..i really need a step by step instruction on how to play this..i already installed it..but when i press wont work, is there a patch that i need to install?
For the people wondering how to properly install and play the game, all you have to do is change your locale to Japan.

Control Panel > Clock, Region and Language > Region and Language > Administrative > Change system locale > Japan

Then once that's done, restart your computer. Then install the game.
hey what is the use of DISK2 ?
oh sorry. look like my modified ISO are corrupted so it doesnt ask for DISK 2 xD
nvm the previous post

mods and patches here, installing now, i'll let you know if they work
yep, mods and patches work fine, english, uncensor etc, game's a bit boring though
this game is a simulation for a japanese school you're going to creat and make everything in it from the 0 to the 100 it's nice but the way it's played needs a lot of pationce and needs players that can understand it
Ok i am gonna add a step by step guide.
Note :-uninstal the game if you installed it and follow these steps.
1.Downlaod and Install HF pAppLoc
2.Mount disk 1 and install game with Illusion (something in japnese).msi
3.Change the game location apart from default.
4.Mount disk 2 when setup asks for it.
5.After installing, mount disk 1 again and run Startup.exe.
6.A japnese Dialog box appears with many options.(Requires step 1)
7.Choose 3rd Option.
8.Open Edit folder in disk 1 and again click llusion Something in japnese.msi
9.install game again in same location as before.
It will take hardly 5 sec.
10.Click on setup.exe from Edit folder.
it will install a small file(few seconds)
11. Your game is working now.
Download this patch and copy in game folder.It contains English UI and uncensored and many other things.
Thanks a lot : ))
@2kgamer thanks! :)
I dont understand what my issue might be. I followed the guide, but when trying to choose the third option after running startup, it's greyed out and wont let me choose it.
@rottencav that's because you are missing either DirectX 9.0c and/or Visual C++ 2008 SP1. Click on the first or second option (whatever you can) and after you are done open Startup.exe again; third option should be available now.
worked real nice albeit with lag and things like that. does someone know how to improve performance?
game works like a charm :) thanks a lot deathmarine. just one stupid question: what is the difference between normal startup and the xplay i got like 3 executables 1 artificial academy
2 edit
3 aa xplay (whats dis for???)
worked like a charm thanks again deathmarine!:) just follow the step by step inst. by sir 2kgamer thanks bro!
i just got one stupid question: what is the xplay version? i got 3 exe files after complete install and the patch:
1 artificial academy
3aa xplay (Whats dis?)
works perfect
great torrent, thanks!