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ILLUSION Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend) FULL ENG
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ILLUSION Real Girlfriend Real Kanojo RGF
2010-05-22 12:27:51 GMT
SnowCrash02 Trusted

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Real Kanojo (Real Girfriend) FULL ENG

1. About
2. System requirements
3. Install
4. Important info to XP users
5. Credits

1. About

This is Real Kanojo aka Real Girlfriend full game with Real Kanojo Special and Real Kanojo Memorial included, all fully uncensored and english. Just install and play :)
Full install will take 4.42 + GB so make sure you have that space. Also with this install i included Illusion Wizzard 0.4.6 with some ready to install mods, guide, offline documents and reg fixer. When installing you have couple choices to choose from.
NOTE: the wizzard mods are untested so use them with your own risk!
This game shows the new ILLUSION game engine in full power. It utilises 2 or more CPU cores, supports 2 mouses (one for each hand), webcamera interactions and even a 3D support. To run this game in full power you should have a quite high end PC so be warned.

2. System requirements

Minimum system:

Pentium 4 2.4
32 bit windows XP/Vista/7
1 GB memory
128 MB videocard with Pixel Shader 2.0 support
5 GB hdd


Intel Core i7 CPU
32 bit windows XP/Vista/7
2 GB memory or more
512 MB videocard with  Vertex Pixel Shader 3.0 or better
5 GB hdd

Optional hardware:

second mouse: game supports 2 mouses that can be used as hands in the game
Webcam: You can interact with the game thrue webcam. It's used to answer the questions the girl asks.
3D glasses: If you have a high end PC then you can run this game in 3D.

3. Install

1. Mount or burn the iso with your favorite software
2. Install needed runtimes
3. Install the Real Kanojo
4. read wiki/guide
5. enjoy the game

4. Important info to XP users

XP users will experience a runtime error when playing Real Kanojo. Please read the info in "Docs/Help" section on the DVD how to fix that.

5. Credits

Illusion for creating this game
Modders @ Hongfire for their mods
Game repacked by randompirate @ TPB


thank you randompirate! i know i can count on you!
help i installed and when i tried to play all i got was a black screen with sound
I just want to make sure, they do not talk english in this game? or if they do. What should i do exept run the ENG.exe?
thx a lot for this awesome game Aya was so hot I almost cum my self the cum pass left of my face :P
How can I force change the resolution or get the game working with nvidia surround?
How can I open gsd.cfg? When I use notepad or wordpad I don't get anything tangible.
@ coldflamez, no English language spoken, just text.

I dl'd this a while back and it's a good game, hongfire to a fantastic job :)
can someone help me?

i can't install .net 1.0 (says it's incompatible with a previously installed one) yet i don't have 1.0 installed.

next is "C:ILLUSIONReal Kanojodatark10.pp"
(says the sourcefile is corrupted)

next is "C:ILLUSIONReal Kanojodatark20.pp"
(says the sourcefile is corrupted also)

menu is good but keeps crashing

oh yeah, i got same error installing .net 2.0
i'm using winxp pro v2002 sp3
oh yeah, installing .net 2.0 (got same error with .net 1.0)

i'm using win xp
quick question. whenever i run special or memorial, i can't use the mouse. i tried going to the settings and setting it just to one mouse, but there isn't even an option for two mice. is this just me or is it supposed to be like this? any suggestions?
Thank you so much SnowCrash02.
I'll worship from now on!
You got another permanent seeder!
Latest Norton says the autorun (which opens when you mount the iso) is a Trojan.Gen :/
use regedit to set the correct path and it will work
Can't install. When trying to install framework, it does not support 64bit systems.

When trying to install game, it gives "the device is not ready" and unmounts the iso giving a X:soandsosetup.exe not found error.
working... good game
So lonely...
Works fine for me. I just mounted the iso using an open-source tool called Pismo File Mounter and ran the install after clicking autorun.exe
Dudes this is a virus!! Autorun.exe has been identified by many sources as a trojan. Do not download!!
wHat to do in it ?
thank u SnowCrash02 for this beautiful game and we waiting for more of ur wonderful games
wrong,idtnerx, no such thing as rx or gx about it, stupid sht