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TTC Video - Understanding Calculus: Problems, Solutions and Tips
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ttc education math calculus
2010-05-02 01:11:18 GMT
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TTC Video - Understanding Calculus: Problems, Solutions and Tips


dohduhdah, you are so extra next-level the man. Uploaders of this quality of knowledge at an unbelievable price (free) should be considered and hailed as a hero. I appreciate all of the torrents you have provided me with. My brain can't contain all of the knowledge I've gotten from you. I know some asshole will comment on this and call me a kiss ass. You know what I'll say to that, "fucking right!"
credits go to the creators and rippers.. I just pass it on from one website to another :-)
Ppppllllleeeaaasssee sseeedddd.
thnx a llot!!
gr8,thanks a zillion man!can u upload "The Art of Critical Decision Making" video plz...
dohduhdah, can you please help me to find some of these TTC Videos:

The everyday guide to wine
Thinking like an Economist: A Guide to Rational Decision Making
Music of Richard Wagner
World’s Greatest Paintings
Art of Public Speaking: Lessons from the Greatest Speeches in History

Thanks in advance!
niceeee does anybody happen to have a torrent of the book that comes with these lectures
many thanks. can you please post ttc secret of mental math.
The Workbook Manual to accompany this is available at [free sign up].

Actually the whole torrent is there.

I tried to upload the torrent for the book but could not because:

a: I am obviously not 1337 enough
b: I am too old to fight the world
c: I am on a very slow connection
d: It isn't my fault
Thanks dude, you kick ass!!
Guys, I really did get an email from Comcast for this torrent specifically. Fair warning. Use at your own risk! Perhaps I'm just dumb for not using a proxy...
Anyone know where we can find the workbook? Was anyone able to download it via the url given by "huttate"?
@dohduhdah thank you so much for this upload... Im studying electronic engineering and will be writing my maths exam next week, this course explains everything in detail.

@huttate thank you for your tip i managed to download the book
This is beyond EPIC !!! Thank You Very Very Very Very Very Much !!!! Will definitely seed after downloading.... Thanks once again....
Nergalsyn's got it right. You, dohduhdah, are a God among men.
Your're THE MAN!
I understand when people get copyright infringement notice for a blockbuster movie, but this is education and nothing should ever block knowledge. Oh! and thanks for the UL. u da man.
can you please upload Understanding Calculus II: Problems, Solutions, and Tips
Thank you for this upload. I would also really appreciate if you could upload the new second one, Understanding Calculus II: Problems, Solutions, and Tips.
hey dohdhuhdah , first I made account inorder to thanks more than it means, you are soo kind to people who are curious to learn,. let me be frank u are really my hero, never mind. god bless you and my best wishes,. please I would like to email you, could you provide me a email id. and at last I look forward for your endless vision. please can upload ttc TTC Video - Understanding Calculus: Problems, Solutions and Tips volume 2.
my email id is [email protected] please sent me your email
@dohduhdah Hello Sir! Can you please upload the 25 dvd set of Pre GED and GED of Video Aided Instruction. Please Please Please! I need it badly. I will be really greatful. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaase!..
Thank you!
This is an excellent work, maybe next time you could change the video format in order to reduce the disk space.