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illusion sexy beach 3
2009-02-14 07:52:39 GMT
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As promised, here is my next ILLUSION game.
This time Sexy Beach 3 Platinum Pack

This install includes Sexy Beach 3 with Plus, Gravure, Flash, Xmas, Valentine and Cosplay Addons.

It was originally just 3 folder torrent with no installer, not patched, not modded. So i patched/modded the game and created simple installer to make it all easy for everyone to enjoy this great game. There is no "patch this, run this, edit this", just install and play ;)

This install is patched with english patch 3.3 so game is already in english.

Also SB3 Wizzard and some ready to install mods is included for easy modding.

These 3 mods are already applied to game:

[SB3][Clothes][All girls][Valentine Set][wurlox]
[SB3][Clothes][All Girls][Cosplay Set][wurlox][darkhound][v1.1]
[SB3][CG][All Girls][uncnsor CG][took][v1.0]

It shuld show in the installed mod list, if not then now you know.

IMPORTANT: To run SB3 Wizzard, .NET Framework 2.0 is needed. If you don't have it already, then you can find it on the dvd or microsoft website. 

I also included my savegame with this but there is also save game modifier in SB3 Wizzard if you need.
Or start new game and go thru the thrill of conquering all girls by yourself.


1. Install DirectX
2. Install .NET Framework 2.0 [needed for SB3 Wizzard]
3. Install Sexy Beach 3 
4. Enjoy

Note: Use Sexy Beach 3 PLUS to run the game and Sexy Beach 3 Gravure to take pictures. The Sexy Beach 3 still works but there aint the addon girls that are in PLUS ;)

The game may crash first time you run it, it shuld only happen once

This installer and the game has been tested on XP PRO SP3 

My upload is only 25KB/s so please be patient and help me seed
Like my previous upload: if this get's enough seeds, i will upload the next one ;)


i, i don't know w..what?
it quite simple, why i...
i don't know that just like that

About MW2, i know this game was very2 cool with realistic graphic and full of action
but why infinity ward game always have wierd bug like you can't open multiplayer in COD4 without mic attached to your computer, because this i can't play online for 2 years until someone tell me about this.

whatever thank to your upload, i can play SB again now (i lost my last copy of SB also have long story)

oh..., sorry sir i don't know that, is it written somewhere on this site? i didn't read that, i read it, now oh yeah i found it

"We also reserve the rights to publish any information regarding violations. Info hashes, IP addresses and all other information that is supplied to the tracker
will be considered our right to publish."

thanks for your information, if you not doin' this may someone will (?) me.

thanks for uploading, this game run smoothly now, without any problem this far

see you

Hey, I just tried to install this and it didnt even go 2 % til my virus program said Infected trojan in pack5 So not i cant install it.
I don't doubt your integrity, randompirate, but my Norton keeps stomping down my installation before 2%, as well. It keeps supposedly finding a trojan (each time with a slightly different filename...) within the SBwizard and cuts off the install at that point.

This is on a 64bit Windows 7 system, so that may also have something to do with it. Looks like I'll have to find a work-around if I want to play this one.
I downloaded this guys two torrent and kinky ones and they works and don't contain any virus with AVG 9.

To everyone who having these my kinda issues.

on a date taking girl to second place crashing EXE like xmas or blah blah send it or dont send.
and sometimes on the video scene crashing EXE error Send or Don't Send error.

The game tries to load FFD show if you have K-lite codec pack so go there in ffdshow audio decoder configuration and give it all the SB3 EXE files in the exception in the menu Direct show control>Don't use ffdshow in and you may want to put this setting in FFD video too.

and put the game in the window mode and try playing in Performance Mode. Normal and Quality modes crashing my EXE. but I didn't detect any diffrence in these 3 settings :/ now playing the game and enjoying but the FONT is still not readable WTF :'(.
one of the best. only you could provide great one lol
Works like charm on a non updated vista laptop. A thousand thanks to the uploader for his insanely hard work.Imagine if a company would ever combine the fighting of rumble roses xx,the mini games of doa ev2,the editing of ag3 and the dating of sb3 we would be talking for a legendary epic game.
Unfortunately, this installer didn't work for me.
Yes, I have done my homework, and no, I am not a noob with Illusion games or modding them, this would be my 8th Illusion game.

I receive an error stating
"Feature transfer error"
Feature: Sexy Beach 3 Platinum Pack
Component: sb3plus_data
File: C:\illusion\SexyBeach3\SexyBeach3\SB3_Wizzard\tools\IluPa279.rra
Error: The system cannot find the file specified.
I have XP 32bit Pro SP3, although the computer isn't the flashiest, it still runs other Illusion games fine.
Disappointed and regrets downloading this "convenient" pack. I hope that for others it will work. Will update if I find a solution.
Upon fiddling around, I found that the files in this torrent has files which indicate as a virus, however I believe this is a false positive, which was blocking the extractions.

Disabling Eset allowed the program to continue.
Thanks, and people should note about the detection.
Excuse me, I don't mean to induce yet another nerd rage but I have scoured the comments here and nobody seems to have the same issue as me. I have DirectX installed as well as the right .net framework. I have looked at all the websites you mentioned and there is no mention of my issue, so please can you help?

This is what happens, I fully installed but when i try to open SB3 Plus it tells me that the original isnt installed. However, the original is installed and I can play it normally. So tell me, what is the procedure? I'm pretty sure its as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling but i want to be sure. Thanks.
UPDATE: nevermind I was right. I guess something went wrong with the installation. I reinstalled it and it seems to work now. Thanks!
yeah doesnt work for vista x64 that sux, and my norton anti virus program blocked like 4 trojan horses BUT THANKS ALOT ! cheers
Its crazy that this is a single installer but everyone has problems, and the problems are all different!

Windows 7 x64, 2 problems-

All the exe files for all 3 versions will crash on startup repeatedly no matter what. I even tried compatibility mode for XPSP3 and Run as Admin.

I have to keep mashing the mouse till the launcher menu finally pops up, which seems to be random... maybe after 2 fails, maybe after 3 or 4.

Secondly, I was receiving the error "Game Detect Non Japanese OS" and couldnt get past the launcher menu.

However, I tracked the error down to this Platinum Packs installation. In the registry, all 3 parts had an INSTALLDIR missing a slash "\"

Launch regedit.exe from the start menu and go to:



should be:


Be sure to change the Plus and PlusG entries also.

If you get that error on 32bit Windows, you would find the registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ILLUSION\
Hi randompirate. When I click 'start game' on any of the 3 programs it opens up to a full black screen as if it's going to run, but then shrinks down and I get an error message beginning with 'Direct3D' followed by a load of Japanese. Are you able to help me out?

This is my first time using BitTorrent. I downloaded this and it came out as a ".iso" file. I'm completely unfamiliar with this process. Could someone please help me out and tell me what to do? My computer doesn't know what to do with this type of file and neither do I. Thanks.
if you can't get it work on Windows / 64 bit then try this:
1.Download VMware from filehippo
2.Download Some WinXP
3.Install OS on virtual machine
If you don't knopw how google it
4. Mount Game Iso
5. Run iso drive DVD from virtual Os
6. ... Folow other instruction realeted to instaling
this game
Does this include the tool to increase their breast size? And if not, can you tell me from where can I get it?
Thanks a lot man. It was a real pain in the ass trying to patch the japanese version. You rock, I'll let it seed for a couple days.
Nice game :DD

Found no virus here ^^ (tested by kaspersky antivirus) :)
will this work on win7
i cant download this torent :(
I know its been a while, but can anyone help me out? I have the same problem that Szanta had a few years back. The pareo accessory bug, where the pareo doesnt appear when you're actually playing the game, but appears when you're changing clothes.
btw, Thank you for the upload!
I hope the uploader reads this. Well, I'm happy if anyone can help me.

You say there's Flash included here but I only see Gravure, can't find Flash anywhere.

Also I downloaded a bunch of other mods but they don't seem to work here, the Wizzard itself has problems with the direction of the game executables.