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japanese hentai game
2008-11-21 02:11:48 GMT
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Game info, screenshots and torrent


Hey, is this the game or just a pic???
I found out, this is the game but it's in the Pictures category...

Will be checking if there are virus.
Is this in ENGLISH or is it still UNTRANSLATED???
Hey, how do I install this???
deathmarine usually posts stuff in japanese.. (unless it says in title)

There is a translation wiki going on

it seems translations are mostly done.. though editing and integrating all that into engine etc might take more time..

get this and wait for that translation.
Could someone explain how to install this please?
Right in the end of instaling it asks me for path to something, question what is it?
If anybody's still having problems installing, here's what to do.

Download the torrent, then extract the rar.
Mount the .iso with Daemon Tools or MagicDisc.
Download applocale if you don't already have it.
If you already have applocale, use it to open the setup.exe in Japanese. The setup.exe is in F:(or whatever DVD drive it's mounted in)setupsetup.exe
Choose directory to install in, press next etc. until it's fully installed.
I personally didn't need to use the noDVD crack, but if you're having troubles with that, unrar that and try putting the files into wherever you installed the game.
Download the latest english patch at
Extract the file, put the english patch file into whatever directory the game is in.
Run the game in Japanese in applocale for it to work properly.
When you first run the game, it will ask you for the directory where your save files will be stored.
That's all I had to do for it to work, enjoy.
Thanks 190329 it worked for me that way. Also when i had to select the (region, language?) it didn't have Japanese all it had was little symbols that i have seen in Japanese movies, games. Odd.
Spoke to soon :P got it almost done and then it asked for a file in a language i cant speak so i hunted and gave up :P for all the people who get it. Enjoy :(
hey, thanks for the upload , I installed the game and it ran using app-locale no problems . but despite applying the no-CD crack it still seem to ask me for the CD and the game then shuts down ..... any idea ?
Just thought I'd give anyone reading these comments an update. The link in previous comments for the English patch is outdated. The English translation is now hosted here: showthread.php/5046-Fate-Hollow-Ataraxia-Translation-Patches
Unfortuantely I was not able to get this to work, for some reason the installer would not show a bunch of ????????????? as text menus and it weirdly kept getting stuck like 70% of the way through. I tried 2x but it kept failing so i looked around for another copy and found the one on fuwanovel works. The download there is preinstalled/pretranslated so it's probably better than this one (posted 6 years ago). you can find the site by googling "fuwanovel Fate Hollow Ataraxia", scroll to the bottom of th epage and click download torrent.

hope this helps someone.
@failAtaraxia Just change your system locale to Japanese
I'm getting this when trying to install, how do I fix this?
@IknowIown set your locale to Japanese to remove the '????' symbols
For anyone getting the weird "?????" text
Set your Locale to Japanese.
And For anyone getting the same problem as this
Set it to Locale so that you could complete the installation.