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TTC VIDEO - Meaning From Data - Statistics Made Clear
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3.59 GiB (3850619056 Bytes)
2007-12-10 15:16:54 GMT
dohduhdah VIP

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TTC VIDEO - Meaning From Data - Statistics Made Clear 
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Hi Please seed this. This is really an important video. Thanks to dohduhdah who uploaded it.

I've uploaded this more than twice so far, when it comes to size. And I will continue seeding, though I have little upload speed.
I am *very* interested in getting this file. I been reading like 5 different stat books to try and understand this stuff and I really think this will help me immensely so please seed if you can.
According to uTorrent I have downloaded 100% of the torrent (3.59 GiB). However the folder on my computer contains only two files that combine to a total of only 166MB. Moreover, neither file will play. I'll try downloading again and hope to get the full download.
My screwup! The files were there, but my computer managed to hide them. I'm back on and seeding.
I strongly recommend people not share this. I got a DMCA letter from them. They will enforce protection of their copyrights. Their stuff is high quality but I chose to delete it all after I got the letter.
PPPPPPPPlleeeeeaaaaaasssseeee Sssseeeddddd.
Thanks a lot for taking the effort to upload all these TTC videos.Greatly appreciated.
Would have been great if they were compressed,though.

pls re seed,i have got few % left to download.
it shows 0 seeder and 0 leecher in bittorrent?! whats wrong?
sorry i meant utorrent. still 0 seeders 0 leechers even there are 8 and 2 mentioned here. how can i solve this problem? plz this torrent is quite important for me.
Thank you so much. You are a hero of the site.