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Video Strip Poker Iso and extras
Porn > Games
668.15 MiB (700603315 Bytes)
2007-02-15 22:18:45 GMT
Slickinator Trusted

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heres Video Strip Poker 2002
with updates to 2006

info :

how to burn: use nero open and then click cancel and then go up to recorder and down to burn image and direct to where the iso is and burn easy as pie.

add girls after you do all the updates in the updates and 
skins folder which you will have to explore the image after burning to view and install. using manager settings  
then your on your way to nudity.

enjoy and unless someone has a crack out there you will need to keep the cd in the drive but if you do all the upgrade patches in order you should not need the cd in while playing 

Enjoy from Slickinator. 

a note: when the serial window pops up just click ok and play that popup is only if you add more girls


runtime error 53 means it cant find the correct file I think

I finaly got it installed by running every exe and update file in xp mode, 640 res with admin rights. ( try that)

unfortunetly the videos dont run something about .vid files ( could be only with vista ???
I played the old version 1.42 on xp with no problems)
i saw deadbydayinblack had the same problem, but no solution: after finding the right version & update, the game runs until i try to load a girl and get an error about the file being .vid* which is not compatible with the game. the file is of course not .vid but .vsp, like it should be. i'm guessing this is a windows problem for i'm using win 7 beta (which is exactly like vista).

can anyone help?
I've installed all updates and patched all girls but when i try to load any of them it offers me download code and asks for access code. help!
i downloaded it. problem is m using win7 ultimate. now after installing when i try to upgrade in the same destination folder eg C:\programfiles\videostrippoker an error comes saying run error 50 or sometimes file not found or something else. moreover i am not able to add girls. i have many girls with .vsp extension but it doesnot add. says error. plz help
slicknator plz reply soon
How many Models it can play? Last crack I saw was playing 57 Models....

If you want something great, try that:

314 gigs

Full VgHD Programs are in:

_Captain's VgHD full program + Update (900) a722-b090-c082-d006 2010-11-07.rar

Updtae (910) a0726-b090-c085-d009 2010-11-14

Update (920) a730-b090-c088-d012 2010-11-21
The 1.43 update-file in the .ISO contains trojans!

At least according to Symantec Antivirus 10.2 (with latest virus definitions file)